Audit of corporate management and monitoring systems and functions

More and more companies are reassessing their established structures and processes in the context of potential restructuring or outsourcing. These measures involve a review, modification or refocusing of corporate governance and supervision. In many cases this calls for an external assessment of systems by an auditor. The auditing profession has developed methods, concepts and auditing standards that are applied when fulfilling client commissions, such as: Audits of internal control and corporate governance systems, in particular service-related internal control systems in accordance with IDW PS 951, audits of risk management systems (IDW PS 981) and of compliance management systems (PS 980).

Where we excel – how you benefit

A key element of any audit of financial statements is the audit of the internal control system. Through our work on mandatory and optional audits dating back many years, we have gained extensive experience in auditing the internal control systems of our clients in a diverse range of industries. Along with the control system audit included in the audit of financial statements, we also conduct ad-hoc audits of compliance management systems (CMS) and risk management systems (RMS) and offer our clients the expertise needed for their specific case.

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