Audits under the laws governing foundations / audits of not-for-profit organisations

Charitable organisations are subject to a wide range of regulations, including some specifically applicable to them. Along with general tax regulations and the commercial law framework, they are subject to the rules governing the not-for-profit sector as well as special treatment for income and sales tax purposes. In the case of foundations, country-specific regulations greatly increase the scope of the auditing requirements. Moreover, audit findings are playing an increasing role in certifications for donation purposes and thus have an impact on the reputation of organisations dependent on fundraising.

Where we excel – how you benefit

Through many years of dealing with regulations governing the charitable sector and foundations, we have acquired substantial expertise. The comprehensive approach of our experts, working in interdisciplinary teams, is designed to support our clients with all of their concerns. We strive to develop goal-oriented solutions based on individual needs. Along with the auditing of financial statements, our services extend to special audits, for example the documentation of the use of funding.

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